Netuitive Windows Agent Distros

The Netuitive Windows Agent is a host agent used to monitor Windows Servers.


Windows (32bit) Windows (64bit) Release Date Version What's New
CollectdWin-x64.msi 2020-02-06 Retry checks
2019-08-02 Added support for TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 on startup
2018-10-16 Fixed Total Physical Memory detection flaw for certain smBIOS versions
2018-08-16 Bug fix for HTTP checks to handle null responses better
2018-07-19 Add HTTP checks
2018-04-12 Collect EC2 metadata every cycle.
2017-12-07 Added port checks
2017-11-16 Checks plugin for agent heartbeat, process and service checks. Tag plugin for instance tags
2017-06-29 Change default config to collect total processor metrics.
2017-06-08 Added MongoDB plugin (requires .NET CLR 4.0)
CollectdWin-x86.msi CollectdWin-x64.msi 2017-04-27 Fixed FQN in EC2 relationship (final version to support .NET CLR 2.0)
2017-04-20 Fixed ReadStatsD plugin. Changed default configuration to enable ReadStatsD plugin and disable ReadWindowsEvents plugin
2017-02-02 Added support for warning events.
2016-07-22 Added friendly version of RAM attribute. Remove invalid characters from metric FQNs. Minor bug fixes.
2016-05-12 0.6.5976 Made event collection cycle configurable. Minor bugfixes
2016-05-02 0.6.5966 Increased detail in grouped event messages
2016-04-08 0.6.5942 Added IIS/.Net metrics to default configuration.
2016-04-04 0.6.5938 Fixed bug where some metrics returned 0 on reload.
2016-03-31 0.6.5934 Added event grouping and improved event filtering.
2016-03-23 0.6.5921 Added IP address to common attributes. Suppress empty event payloads.
2016-02-16 0.6.5890 Added API Key parameter for silent install.
2016-02-09 0.6.5877 Filter out undocumented windows level 0 events.
2016-12-16 0.6.5828 Reduced default event sensitivity. Added further memory metrics.
2015-12-08 0.6.5819 Added relationship support and EC2 instance metadata.
2015-11-10 0.6.5786 Various bug fixes.
2015-09-28 0.6.5745 Initial Release.